I've been an Apple/Mac gut since the days of the Mac, Mac Plus, Se, and SE 30. I still use Mac's along with Android, but I have to say Apple makes the best computers out there. When Tim Cook took over after Jobs, we somewhat expected he would continue along the lines of his predecessor. We were wrong. In fairness to Cook, he faced an insurmountable task, but to date has shown us nothing but updates, and more of the same old, same old.

His idea of new products is Apple's endorsement of Anki Drive which goes on sale Oct. 23, exclusively in nationwide Apple retail stores and at Apple.com, according to an article in USA Today. Apple chief Tim Cook invited the CEO of Anki on stage at Apple's developer conference in June to demonstrate an early version of Anki's artificial intelligence-powered racing game.

A racing game? C'mon Tim, we want products we can use in our homes and office. Products we can take with us on the go, and the leading edge technology Apple consumers are used to and deserve. Not toys. Wow, I can see Apple stock sinking right before my very eyes.