Myself like so many others, are of the belief the election process in recent years is seriously flawed. The problem is not with the artists in the hall. The problem is with the nominating committee.

A few years back, I interviewed Chubby Checker. I asked the Twist King why he is not in the hall? His reply was "the system is wrong" I dismissed his comment then, I believe it now.

I was privileged a few years ago to receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from what is now the Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame. Their process is simple. You're nominated, and elected by your music peers. No way is it a popularity contest. The Rock Hall however does not see the value in that process.

It doesn't matter how much money someone donated to charity, nor  how long it's been since the nominee had a hit. In the spirit of fairness, the individual should be nominated by his or her peers, and elected by the same. Who better to judge a persons true talent and contribution to this wonderful thing we call Rock N Roll than a rock n roller ?

Until the process changes, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame will have it's members. Unfortunately, there will be more deserving artists left behind, and that's just plain wrong.