Paul Stanley, one of the frontmen of KISS, recently sat down with Classic Rock magazine to discuss KISS without him as one of the members. What day will that be?

He and bandmate Gene Simmons have frequently discussed the possibility of Kiss continuing without any of the original or current members – but now the guitarist and vocalist has defined how important the move would be to him.

Stanley tells the San Diego Union-Tribune: “The band is bigger than its members. It only takes four like-minded people with a similar talent to further the cause.

“I’m damn good at what I do; but do I think I’m the only person capable of doing it? Absolutely not. Can I envision a time when I won’t be here any more? Absolutely. “It’s not tomorrow, or next week, but when it happens I would be celebratory, Because it would prove that I was right, that Kiss is exactly what I believe it is: an ideal, a way of performing, a point of view.”


It has always been a rumour that some of the fighting amongst the original members that KISS would go on. Since KISS owns the trademark for the face paint, it can go on and on without them. With all the cover and tribute bands there are a few guys that look and sound like the band. Maybe they have been replaced already?