Halloween is right around the corner, and you may want to pick up a couple tunes to go with your costumes, candy, and Halloween parties. My personal favorite is John Zacherle (or Zacherly..he went by both.) John is known as the Cool Ghoul, a name given to him by Dick Clark who first saw Zachele while watching television with his daughter one evening. Luckily, the head of Cameo records, Bernie Lowe also saw the program, and thought of recording Zacherle.

Zacherle was also the host of a horror show in Philadelphia, and a big part of the show was John reciting limericks (in a scary voice) that viewers had sent in. Bernie lowe of Cameo Records liked it so much, he immediately convinced Zacherle to make a record. The song was a huge hit, making Zacherle ten thousand dollars which was big money in those days.

Zacherle was also a good friend of Dick Clark, and went  on many tours with various entertainers.Eventually his television show moved to new York where it really took off, and he continued to record as well. he once did a scary dance show featuring the Doors, and the Lovin Spoonful. In 1970 he appeared at Fillmore East to introduce  the Grateful Dead.  I have lost track of John, but know he was still performing Halloween shows as recently as a few years ago. Here are some of his songs you may want for Halloween.


  • Igor/ Dinner With Drac (Cameo 130-1)
  • Dinner with Drac Pt.1/ Pt.2 (Cameo 130-2)
  • Eighty Two Tombstones/ Lunch With Mother Goose (Cameo 139)
  • Hurry Burry Baby/ Dinner With Drac (Parkway 853)
  • I Was A Teenage Cave Man/ Dummy Doll (Cameo 145)
  • Surfboard 109/ Clementine (Parkway 885)
  • Scary Tales From Mother Goose/ Monster Monkey (Parkway 888)


  • Twist Collection (OOZ 617) 2001
  • Monster Mash/ Scary Tales (ACE CDCHD 1294) 2010
  • Monster Mash Party (Transylvania 4-5709)
  • Dinner With Zach (Transylvania 6-5000)
  • Spook Along The Zacherley (Collector's Choice Music)