PopTech 2010: Geeks at the Opera - 24The thought that baby boomers with smartphones, tablets, and social media usage was increasing by leaps and bounds, really never entered my mind. However, after researching the subject, findings indicate the fastest growing demographic on the Internet are adults 50+! Baby boomers and seniors have caught on to the mobile times, and now make up a large share of Americans who use smartphones, tablet, the Internet, and social media. Here are more interesting facts as reported in  iPhone Life.

Internet Use: More than 50 percent of all Internet users are morethan 65 years old;

Social Media Use: In the 65+ age group, 34 percent of all Internet users also use social networking sites. In the 50-64 age group, half participate in social networks;

Tablets appear to be the mobile device of choice for older Americans. 34.7 percent of tablet users are 45 or older, and 52 percent of mobile users 75+ own a tablet.

If you happen to be 45 or older, where do you fit in here?