Okay - I'll admit it.   I'm a "Foodie".  In case you've never heard the term before, a "Foodie" is someone who loves to cook and enjoys all-things food-related.  From ingredients and menus to kitchen tools and cookbooks,  I guess I fall under that category.

One of my true inspirations from the food world is Ina Garten - aka The Barefoot Contessa.  A talented lady who spend years working for President's in Washington D.C. before chucking it all and buying a small specialty food store in the Hamptons sometime in the late 70's early 1980's.  Although she had no prior training in the industry, food became her life;  Soon, the Barefoot Contessa store was infamous.  A few network TV appearances...cookbooks...and then finally, her own Food Network show later - Ina

Garten's name is synonymous with gourmet food and the good life.  She's also got a green thumb and a great blog check it out.