So many people are ready for combat on Black Friday, with other people and against themselves. Maybe you're too hot, the shoes you have are killing you, or you aren't organized. All these things make for a tough day

Yahoo has some great tips, but I added a few, because I have been through that Black Friday thing.

Wear the right shoes: when you are running all over the place for deals and waiting in line for hours, it makes all the difference.

Take some snacks: you don't want to wait in the food line, and you might make everyone around you hungry so they leave the line. Keep your energy up.

Wear Layers: make it easy to take off the warm layers of clothing. It will be cold outside, but blistery warm inside, dress accordingly.

Find what you need and hide it: come back later when there are no lines and buy it. Be careful not to get caught, someone will re stock and the plan is over. Also, buy it as soon as possible so you don't throw off the inventory of the store.

Caffinate Accordingly: make sure you have your energy drink, your coffee with you and in you. Consider this, caffinated soap, yes it exists.

Set 8 alarms: don't sleep in, most of the deals are time limited. Look for people with vouchers for the deals you want before you stand in a line you don't know what you are waiting for.

Departmentalize: buy a few things and check out in each department. You can save time and avoid the massive line up front.

Make a List and Check it Twice: have a list on you that is store and item specific. Sometimes you can break up in teams in order to get things quicker.

Read the Fine Print: you know you've heard it, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!! Don't be disappointed, play by the rules and you may win an item someone else lost because they didn't know you had to buy something in order to get the item they wanted.

Stink: if you have the guts to try this one, how many people will wave you ahead or back away from you when you are grabbing a limited item if you have major B.O.....many!! This may work, but if you run in to the super model or George Clooney, they will remember you were the stinky one.

Don't eat too much for Thanksgiving: If you are lethargic and dragging, you will not be ready to shop at a high level. Enjoy the food, save the appetite for after shopping, you can sleep in your food coma later.

Start and arguement with your lesser liked friends: if you are fighting you won't have to buy gifts, even if they are small. The close friends are the ones that need your attention, and now you will have more money to spend on them.

Shop Local: sometimes what you want to get someone is at a local store, and maybe you didn't even know they carried that product.

Be Nice To Everyone: you would be surprised how far it will go if you smile, aplogize, open a door, or just say hi to someone when they are grumpy. The way you treat a person, will be the way they treat the next person, and that person may be you.