One week away, the Democrats and Republicans need to figure out the budget or we will have another government shut down.The Government shut down gets expensive. According to the Congressional Research Service, the two shut downs of the government cost us $1.4 billion. What does it mean to you...

According to CNN Here are some ways a government shutdown would affect you.

  • National parks, zoo, museums will all close. That's 368 National Park Service sites closed. So if you have saved your money to finally see the Black Hills....You will have to go somewhere else.
  • Good news, men and women in the military will continue to be on the job. Bad news, they will also not be paid until the government gets their crap together. (Think of the hardship to their families.)
  •  Postal service is not interrupted. Their paychecks are.
  • Obama care continues it's implementation, it's not dependent on any budget.
  • It puts a hit on the country. Who wants to do business with people that can't make business decisions. Companies wonder if they will be paid for services, if there will be another shutdown.

There are other services that stop and other things that stop. Why does our congress let it go so long? I will never figure it out, it tells me the lawmakers are unprepared and lack planning. This should be voted on and done way before the date of no return.