In a new study from, nearly 40 percent of Americans reported playing the lottery sometimes, with 13 percent saying they try regularly to hit it big. Are you one of these people. Be careful, make plans, but make smart plans. did the survey and asked people how they would spend their money. There were all kinds of answers. Some people thought that just because they are millionaires, now they could teach, as long as they did it for free.

The survey shows Americans already have big plans, here are the top 5:


1.Start my own business.

2.Get a divorce.

3.Get rid of my student debt.

4.Find a job that I really want to do.

5.Endow a scholarship at my college.


I liked these too:

Hire a hairdresser and masseuse daily and have a chauffeur.

Take my family to Disney World.

Work for free for a nonprofit.

Establish a charitable foundation.

Jackie Warrick, CouponCabin president and chief savings officer says "Keep your spending on lottery tickets in check, and never spend more on tickets than what you could potentially win," Warrick said. "Be sure to focus on practical ways to get out of financial issues rather than spending money and energy on lottery tickets."

The study was based on surveys of more than 2,500 adults over the age of 18. You can read more here