Kids love to spend time with their parents and fishing is a great way to do that while passing along outdoor sporting skills at the same time.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offers the following tips and ideas on how to make the experience a better one:

First - start small and manage your own expectations.  Young children are not going to want to fish from sun-up to sundown.  Plan an outing of an hour or so - and don't get upset if their attention quickly turns away from the water and towards something else.  It's all part of the experience and if you're calm about the events as they transpire, chances are they'll want to go again.

At the same time, keep in mind that things are going to happen to kids when they fish that don't normally happen to adults.  Snagged lines.  Lost lures.  Jammed and snarled reels.  Again, this goes along with managing your own expectations.  If you easily get upset when something goes wrong - chances are your child won't want to go fishing again.  ...And who would blame them?  When something doesn't go according to plan - remember:  They're kids.

Plan ahead.  Bring extra clothing in case they get wet.  Take along extra jackets and boots.  Pack a lunch and something to drink.  Think ahead to where they can go for a bathroom break - and - how they'll wash or sanitize their hands afterwards.

Simplify your equipment and gear.  Don't stick your child with a complicated rod and reel.  A simply setup will be easier for them and less apt to make you angry if it gets damaged or lost along the way.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has plenty of fishing tips, information, and regulations on  their website.  Click here for more details.