Let's face it - one day, you're going to need to worry about your funeral.  That's why you might as well save money on it!

Here are some ways to save money on your funeral costs that you may not have thought of before.

  • PRE-SHOP.  Simply put, buying your casket and making your funeral arrangements before you need them creates a situation where you can save money.  Research the funeral homes in our area and make an appointment;  Sit down with the Funeral Director and review what they have available.  Making these arrangements and plans prior to the point of actually needing to do so creates a situation where emotions won't factor as much into your decisions.
  • DONATE YOUR BODY.  There are colleges and medical research facilities that are looking for cadavers.  In most cases they'll pick up the costs associated.
  • SHOP SAMS CLUB / WALMART / COSTCO.  Seriously.  Does it surprise you that they offer caskets for sale?  Just as you look to these wharehouse stores for a low price on the 50-pound sack of flour that you need, you should cost-check them for funeral costs.

Bottom line, there is money to be saved on just about everything in life.  Even death.