Lincoln Park residents, business owners, and interested community-minded citizens are invited to attend a meeting that will seek to blend resources to create the Lincoln Park Community Safety Initiative.  The aim of the meeting is to create a safer, sustainable neighborhood for everyone.

The meeting will happen on September 10, 5:30 PM - at Clyde Iron, 2920 West Michigan Street.  The meeting is free to the public, but interested individuals are asked to RSVP to Kathy Pederson at or by calling 218-730-5890.  Pizza will be served.

For this new neighborhood specific community approach, Lieutenant Wright and her officers will provide a detailed briefing on the Seaway Hotel and other notable Lincoln Park Problem locations. Representatives from One Roof, City Center and from HRA will briefly speak about housing issues and an update on the Seaway from a housing perspective. Community members will give feedback and direction on how to move forward with identified problems.

More details are also available at the City of Duluth website;  Click here for more.