Mayor Don Ness posted on his facebook account that the house on Mesaba will finally be torn down. When I looked at everyone's comments, everyone is happy about it.

I read his facebook page and Mayor Ness said this:

The house that has been vacant for more than 30 years on Mesaba Avenue will be torn down starting tomorrow morning! It's been a very visible eye-sore in Duluth for too long and I for one will be thankful that it's gone. Special thanks to the city crews who have been doing their diligence on this project all summer and fall.

I don't know what that guy has been doing, but he has been able to keep that house a wreck for many years. I don't ever remember it ever being worked on and it has looked the same for more years than Mayor Ness said.

I remember making the trip up the hill on the way home from our summer cabin and seeing that house like it is now. I take that back, I think the scaffolding is new....

What other eyesores need to go in the city, email me at or leave your comment here.