I like to see her enjoying herself once in awhile. Rumor has it she can pound down a drink or five as well. Good for her. As Secretary Of State Hillary has  immense responsibilities, a grueling schedule, and a hubby who has a roving eye. That can drive anyone to drink.  Have another one Hillary..this one's on me.

For Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, what happened in Cartagena didn’t stay in Cartagena.

With a Secret Service sex scandal already tarnishing President Obama’s trip to Colombia for an international summit, Clinton set forth to find a little night life of her own.

Photos snapped just before 1 a.m. Sunday at the Cafe Havana nightclub show the top U.S. diplomat downing a brew and dancing with abandon to a live band. Clinton and her entourage stayed at the crowded hot spot for about a half-hour before heading to their hotel.