A new year and the renewed argument of what is safe and what is not when it comes to hitting in the NFL and who is going to be around for the next NFL season for the Packers and Vikes.

Here's what I think, first on the NFL. They are going to look at whether it is safer to have a kick off or do away with it. BAD choice, so much excitement when your guy runs it back and brings your team back into the game.....BUT...if your team doesn't have a guy that can run it back, maybe a good rule. The reason the NFL wants to get rid of the kickoff is too many guys get hurt in this portion of the game. Too many hard hits.

Next years Super Bowl changed to Saturday. Ummmmmmmmmm NO!! I like the fact that I could drink like a fish and eat twice my body weight in guac and chips or pizza and then maybe call in sick to work on Monday (hey 60% of America does it), but, now you don't have the day before to shop and pre cook your wings and other party stuff. Second, they are already whining about what it will be like to play in the cold. Shut up and play like a man, or, put it in a dome. The NFL wants to expand to the New York market, I get that, but at what expense. How many people want to sit in the cold and watch football. Would you go to a party at your friend's house knowing you would be wearing a parka the whole time?

I would think the camera and production guys would not be looking forward to this, and that having to deal with Mother Nature is going to be really rough. Tough angles, maybe a cleaning crew for the snow. I've always heard about making movies that making it indoors you have control over the weather, outside, you don't. How much equipment will freeze.

Moving the half-time show. Wha? Good idea because then the production is done and the show is good. Then they are on time if the production runs long. Bad idea, no people to see the show, duh! Also, you want to see the show when you are at the Super Bowl, you have paid most of your income for the year to see whatever artist is play halftime, not an empty stadium.NFL wants more money, they will charge the same price for people in the stadium without the show, then charge people to sit in Madison Square Garden to watch the halftime show and big screens of the game.

The cold might make the play of the game sub standard, because of the time of year.

Now for the Minnesota Vikings, Percy Harvin is not happy. There are rumors of trade already this year. Last year he was mad and disrupted spring training, but we showed we can survive without him. If he has a problem with authority, trade him. If he's unhappy, send him somewhere else. Sorry, Percy now you play for a crappy team, you should have shut your mouth!!! Minnesota changed their logo (not really, just a little different). What do they need now? Ponder to snap out of it and be a quarterback! Get him a wide reciever, we have a great tight end, great running backs, the defense is coming around. This could be a good year.

The Green Bay Packers, they are losing their center, they are losing Donald Driver, Gregg Jennings and Charles Woodson. (In my opinion) They need to add to the defense and maybe get Devin Hester (a rumor he wants to play with Aaron Rodgers). They are close too. With the upheaval in Chicago and Detroit's attitude problems, the Pack and Vikes could be battling again next year.