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Not all folks living in Douglas County, are aware of the reading program for children started by Dolly Parton.  In 1996 Dolly Parton started a program to assist preschool children in learning to read. The program is available to preschool children until the age of five, regardless of the families income. "Imagination Library" was started in Tennessee, and rapidly expanded. The program is now available in Douglas county.

Dolly will mail a brand new book to all enrolled preschool children each month, free of charge, until the child is five. The purpose is to help the very young to learn to read, and develop a love of reading at an early age.

The program has been hugely successful, and getting more so each day. To find out more about "Imagination Library", just click the link. You can fill out an enrollment application there as well. My Grandson Gus already receives his books, and loves them. Although he's only two, and Mrs. Rayman still needs to read to him, he is learning the joy and fun of books and reading..something that will stay with him all his life. Thank you Dolly..and additional thanks to United Way of Superior, and Rotarian's.

To start a library in your town go to   USA.Imaginationlibrary.com

Learn more and Fill out application