Hell's Kitchen is getting ready to open up shop in Embarrass, Minnesota!  Now before you start calling for reservations, you should get the full story.

Saturday, February 22 - a crew from the legendary restaurant will join locals at a fundraising event that's sure to "warm things up" a little bit in a community known for it's icy cold temperatures.  Lemon Ricotta flapjacks made by Hell's Kitchen will share the bill with bacon provided by hometown meat market Zup's. The fundraising event should prove to be equally tasty and interesting.

The back story about how the event came to be is interesting as well.  On January 4, the crew at Hell's Kitchen learned that Embarrass was about to face a day where the temperatures would be colder than Mars.  It was then that they decided to have some fun;  They decided to invite the community to come to them for a meal that would warm them up.

Their website goes on to describe the evolution of the idea:

Just as we were about to post it on Facebook, with our usual “Go Big or Go Home” bravado, we decided to invite the ENTIRE TOWN for a free brunch, no strings attached. Our Bar Manager threw in a free Bloody Mary. Then the bakers up at Angel Food said, “We’ll make them our torched marshmallows and hot cocoa” so anyone who actually ventured down can head back home with warm bellies. And then the comments started coming. A few within 30 seconds, a bunch in minutes, a flood in the first few hours. Lottsa likes. Loads of comments that were fun to read. We were tickled to death that folks loved the idea. And several families took up our offer. But that’s not the story…there’s always at least one renegade in the bunch. Buried in a plethora of fun comments, Embarrass resident Jeannine Bjornrud (the wife of a preacher man, no less) threw out a cheeky Facebook comment, saying she couldn’t make the 4-hour trek, but if we want to come to Embarrass and cook in her home, she sure could hustle up a crowd of townfolk.

With that - the fundraising idea came to be.

Read more about the event by clicking here.