Eating healthy has always been trendy - even more so in 2012.  Countless grocery stores have added or expanded their "healthy" or organic sections to meet the demand.  Now, one of the nation's largest retailers is making it easier to find those healthy foods - in a move that industry observers say is telling.

After a lengthy debate, Walmart decided that eggs are indeed healthy.

Eggs are among the foods getting a new "Great For You" icon from the world's largest retailer as it tries to convince shoppers that they can make healthy, low-cost choices when picking out food at its U.S. stores.

Walmart is adding the icon to make it easier for shoppers to get the healthy foods that they're looking for.

The icon comes just over a year after Walmart, the main U.S. arm of Wal-Mart Stores Inc, said that it would look for ways to improve the nutritional value of the food it sells and make healthier fare less expensive.

Walmart's move into health-foods is being watched closely by it's competitors in the food and grocery industry.

Walmart is the largest seller of food in the United States, and food accounts for more than half of the chain's annual sales, so any changes it makes in its food aisles can have a ripple effect on chains such as Kroger Co, Supervalu Inc and Safeway Inc.


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