Maybe this latest story that I came across will explain why kids are the way they are. Sometimes we want them to grow up too fast, sometimes we put our insecurities on them. Sometimes, out of laziness, we don't let them experience life because we don't want to deal with what happens.

We all complain that kids don't get out and play enough. They sit on their butts and play videos, watch movies, or just don't get out enough. Is it them, or is it us? I find sometimes that because I don't want to deal with something I will not allow them to do something, when I catch myself, I let go and let them do whatever.

Watch the TV, don't put stains in our clothes, don't make a mess, don't do things kids will do. Some kids don't want to get dirty, some parents don't want them to get dirty. It's the work of cleaning them.

In a US town, the teacher sent home a note explaining to the parents they might get dirty on any particular date, they might come home smelling like trees, they might see birds, they might experience nature and the outdoors, they might get muddy.

According to DailyMail, the teacher had to be a little funny. A Reddit user posted a picture of the strange permission slip she had to sign for her kids' school.  Understanding that their child may 'go out in the rain and snow,' 'get his or her clothes wet or dirty,' and 'come in contact with plants and trees,' were a few of the points that parents had to sign off on.  Another warning was that children would 'see birds, bugs, animals, trees, and plants in a new way.'

One Mom was so angry at her daughters shirt was dirty and the parent was told it was lunch on her shirt. The school found out the woman spoon fed her daughter, and the school noticed she couldn't feed herself. In some cases, the kid doesn't know what mud was. One woman bought named brand outfits and didn't want to have to buy more when her child came home dirty.

What do you think? I think we are as much to blame as the kids are.