Halo Muzic has released his new song and video, and is gearing up for Northland Summer Jam. He was recently featured on a new show on our sister station Mix 108, and continues to work to put his name in the public.

Halo Muzic talks about “Never Backing Down” featuring WIZE!  He shot the video in Chicago.  He told me a few months back, there would be great dancing and some action, fantastic special effects, and even somewhat of a plot.

One thing he told me is he did all his own stunts, don't know if the insurance company should know that but it's more fun to watch when you see what he does.

Also, he mentioned that he is working on his gig on Aug 22 the Northland Summer Jam. EpicConnection and Chozen Studioz are partnering with The Northern Lights Foundation raising money for families of children with life threatening diseases.  Featuring Halo Muzic, Rebecca Hammond, Love Out Loud.

The goal for Northland Summer Jam is to be an annual event that brings out experiences professionally. While raising money for families in the area.

You can learn more about "Locals Only" here.