I have been following the career of our own Halo Muzic and watched all he has achieved. He is a great guy, great musician, and one of the few that you can let your child idolize. He is asking for your help to make his debut album. Here's how...

I spoke to Halo and here's what he said about the new undertaking.

"I am on a journey of my own...finishing my debut album. It's been a long road that has been faced with a lot of success and of course some challenges. But one thing that has kept me going through it all it, my friends, family and fans!!! And this step in the journey is no exception!"

Halo goes on to say, "I am launching a Kickstarter campaign on Thurs 09/19 that gives my Halo Muzic Family a chance to become apart of my album creating process. There are many different ways to get involved...ALL ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!"

For those of you that don't know what a kickstarter project is. There is a website where you are given incentives for the amount of money you want to contribute to help a project. The cool part is, you help someone reach their dreams and you get something special for helping.

Halo says, "I can't do this without you!! You have been my inspiration, my support and the "WHY" to keep pushing when I've felt like giving up! So help me inspire others to never give up by pre ordering my album and help spread the word by sharing this project when it goes live on Thursday!!"

When it goes live it will be here

Here's the message directly to explain it from Halo himself.