We have three pugs in our home. Several weeks ago, I mentioned to Mrs. Rayman they seemed to be gaining a few pounds.  I'm thinking maybe something is wrong with their health.  Today the weight is gone and they're happy and healthy. The culprit? Dog food.

Once again Mrs. Rayman to the rescue. She tried a newer, healthier food and that did the trick. Lesson learned. The pugs and your husband thank you dear. If you have dogs/cats in your home, read on.

Over half of U.S. dogs and cats are now overweight or obese, reports a recent study conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. One-fifth of dogs and cats are obese -- weighing 30% over a healthy weight. America's obesity epidemic is apparently not just affecting humans.

Overweight pets suffer from a multitude of health issues including diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer.

So who's to blame? According to The Wall Street Journal, pet owners and food manufacturers may be partially responsible. Although pet owners might have good intentions , overweight animals come most often from owners who overfeed their pets or don't exercise them frequently.

Pet food manufacturers, aren't required to list calories on their food labels unless the product advertises a low calorie content -- there is now a proposal to change this. Also, feeding directions are listed for the pet's "most demanding" life stage, meaning the directions may lead to overfeeding by 25%.