To put it in perspective, it's like saying half of U.S. homeowners drive a Chevrolet, or watch a Samsung t.v., toast bread on a Sunbeam, or sleep on a Sealy. It boggles the mind. Can you imagine how many companies would love to be in Apple's shoes!

Half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product, according to CNBC's All-America Economic survey.

There are more than 55 million U.S. homes with at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer, according to CNBC's All-America Economic survey.

But Apple doesn't have to worry about brand saturation any time soon. Americans don't stop with just one device. Homes that own least one Apple, own an average of three. Overall, the average household has 1.6 Apple devices, with almost one-quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.