My Grandson Gus had his third birthday last Friday, and Saturday the whole family got together for his birthday party. A couple weeks ago Mrs. Rayman and I were talking, and I asked her what she thought about me getting Gus an Etch-A-Sketch for his birthday. I wanted to get him something that would help him to learn in addition to being fun for him.

Even though he's an intelligent little guy, I was concerned it might be too advanced for him, and he would get frustrated with it. Sue pointed out to me that he has a strong sense of focus, and he would enjoy it, so I got one. This morning Gus came to our house carrying his Etch-A-Sketch with him, and after awhile asked me to help me draw his daddy's truck.

I drew the wheels, then asked him to draw the rest of the truck and show me before I left for work. After I got ready to leave the house, I went to get my goodbye hug from my little buddy. "Did you draw daddy's truck" I asked him. "You drew the wheels wrong" was his response. I had drawn the wheels with four lines so it formed a square. To my amazement, the wheels were now round, (I didn't even know one could draw a circle on an Etch-A-Sketch). "How did you did you do that pardner?" I asked him. "Daddy has round wheels Grandpa" he replied.

On the drive in, I was thinking to myself that I better stick to rock n roll radio, and from now on I'll leave the drawing to Gus! How do three year old kids get that smart? I'm glad I got him the Etch-A-Sketch for his birthday. Somehow I think he is too.