Is your little one afraid of police? I ask because our grandson Gus told Mrs. Rayman he was afraid to meet the policeman. That came as a surprise, as ordinarily Gus is a very friendly four year old, heck, meets everybody, and he'll talk your arm off once he gets started.

Despite my wife's reassurances that the police are your friends, little Gus was still reluctant. That day happened to be a hot one in Lake Nebagamon, so she and Gus walked to the store to get something cool to drink. On the way back, Gus asked her, "What's the extra coke for?" and she replied "it's for Officer Pete."

Lots of little kids were hovered around the police cruiser, having fun talking to Officer Pete when they came back from the store. Handing Gus the coke, my wife told Gus "it's a hot day, and officer Pete might like something cold to drink, walk up and give him this coke."

Gus took the coke, marched up to the patrol car, and gave Pete his coke. They talked quite a while, and of course now Gus is all excited because Officer Pete said he'll take him for a short ride the the patrol car one day. Needless to say he's no longer afraid of the police, thanks to Officer Pete, and a very smart grandma.