Mr. Tambourine Man is the debut album by the Byrds, and was released in June 1965 The album established the band as an internationally successful act and was also influential in originating the musical style known as folk rock. The term "folk rock" was, in fact, first coined by the U.S. press to describe the band's sound in mid-1965, at around the same time that the Mr. Tambourine Man single reached the top of the Billboard Chart. The single and album also represented the first effective American challenge to the dominance of the British Invasion during the mid-1960s.

The album peaked at No.6 on the Billboard Top LP's  chart and reached No.7 in the United Kingdom.

Richie Unterberger, writing for the ALLmusic website, has called the album "One of the greatest debuts in the history of rock, Mr. Tambourine Man was nothing less than a significant step in the evolution of rock & roll itself, demonstrating that intelligent lyrical content could be wedded to compelling electric guitar riffs and a solid backbeat.