Hey this is a good deal! Even if you happen to be an Apple person like me, how can you not jump on this.? As Rayman says, "pour it all over yourself".

Google will begin leasing Chrome laptops for $20 per month in a “student package” that includes both hardware and access to online services, a senior Google executive has reportedly told Forbes.

Google would begin offering Chrome OS-based notebooks for between $10 and $20 per month this summer. The official announcement is expected to hit the wire sometime Wednesday.

“Small and medium-sized businesses are banging on our doors to get something like this,” the executive said, suggesting that the “student package” initiative could be a way for Google to test the waters before releasing a comparable offering for the enterprise.

Google already offers businesses access to its online suite of productivity apps, which includes a word processor, spreadsheet application and calendar, for $50 per year. Perhaps the tech giant will bundle the hardware and software offerings for enterprise users in the near future.

via Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month [REPORT].