When Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he made a conscious decision not to hide from his fans or the media - and instead faced the condition head-on with a very public final tour.  Along the way, he invited two Hollywood film-makers to document this chapter of his life.

At the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival at the Arlington Hotel that ended Oct. 20, producers James Keach (Walk the Line) and Trevor Albert (Groundhog Day) offered a preview of their new film on Campbell's descent into the haze of Alzheimer's.

"It's become a really big movie," says Keach. "At first, we just thought we'd see if he could get through this one show; 150 shows later, here we still are."

One of the moving moments of the documentary shows Glen Campbell watching home movies with his wife Kim, while she describes to him who is in them.

Producers of the documentary hope that the film reaches theaters some time next year.