If I were to say to you "What was Motown's  first number one hit", what would you guess? Maybe a song by Smokey Robinson? How about a song by the Supremes, Mary Wells, or the Four Tops? All great guesses, but wrong.

Barry Gordy's (Motown) first hit came from a group of girls from Inkster Michigan, formerly known as the Casinyets, later the Marvelettes. They performed at a school talent show, and caught the eye of one of one of their teachers who arranged an audition with Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson.  Berry signed the group to the fledgling Motown label even though they had no experience with girl groups.

1961 was the year Motown released "Please Mr. Postman" which shot to number one, giving Motown it's first number one song. The girls followed up with another of my favorites "Beechwood 4-5789", "Playboy" and "Too Many Fish In The Sea".

The group toured until 1967 when Horton left the group. Years later Horton returned to touring as "Gladys Horton Of The Marvelettes" and continued until she suffered a stroke last year.  I'll miss her terribly...