What are your favorite guitar riffs from the 1980's. Certain groups and songs come to mind. Van Halen, Def Leppard, Ratt, so many of those songs are part of growing up for some of us.

Gibson.com rated all the guitar riffs and listed 50 of the top ones of all time. If you are a guitar lover or a closet guitar hero, you will know these. The best part is I read the list and agreed with most of them. That never happens.

AC/DC took the top spot with "Back In Black". Right on with that one! You hear that riff and you know the song.

Gibson.com wrote about "Back In Black",

    "Perhaps the greatest riff-oriented album of all time is the band's 1980 farewell to dearly departed singer Bon Scott. Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young cooked up some of the greatest riffs of their career on this magnum opus . . . but none is more memorable than the hard and heavy title track."

The complete list of Gibson's Top 50 are at gibson.com, here are the  top 10 riffs of the 1980s:

01. AC/DC - "Back In Black" ("Back In Black")
02. THE ROLLING STONES - "Start Me Up" ("Tattoo You")
03. OZZY OSBOURNE - "Crazy Train" ("Blizzard Of Ozz")
04. SCORPIONS - "Rock You Like A Hurricane" ("Love At First Sting")
05. DEF LEPPARD - "Photograph" ("Pyromania")
06. JUDAS PRIEST - "Breaking The Law" ("British Steel")
08. THE CLASH - "Should I Stay or Should I Go" ("Combat Rock")
09. GUNS N' ROSES - "Sweet Child O'Mine" ("Appetite For Destruction")
10. RUSH - "Limelight" ("Moving Pictures")

List taken from Blabbermouth.net originally on Gibson.com