Since I was a young child I have received a flu shot.  My mother was a nurse at the then, Carlton Nursing Home and would bring them home.  After a few years she knew all my hiding places, so I needed to just suck it up and take it in the arm.  To this day, I still get my flu shot every year, but this year is different, I'm going to give a shot to a child in need through the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign through Walgreens.  You can too!

As Jake, the pharmacist at the Miller Hill Mall Walgreens will tell us, the give a shot part of the Get a Shot, Give a Shot program is through the United Nations Foundation and has helped to provide more than 15 million life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries.

WARNING:  I get the shot on camera, if you are squeamish, you may want to look away.