I got a call from one of my music geek buddies recently saying he couldn't wait to show me something. I grabbed a pizza from the frig and a six pack and out the door I went.

As I walked through his front door, he had music on as usual. I put down the pizza and beer on the table and noticed music coming from something looking like a long football. My buddy has a  huge smile as he asked me what I thought about his newest toy, the EasyAcc Olive Bluetooth Speaker. Cell phone in hand, he quickly ran through some songs for me while explaining the features. I was impressed. The unit operates on Bluetooth, works on both Android and Apple, has great sound quality, good distance, and rechargeable battery. Cost? $25.49. My buddy got his through Amazon, but by all means, check your local stores first.

A couple slices and beers later, he introduced me to his new Arctic P253 BT wireless headphones. While they have great sound and are comfortable, they do leak slightly, as is common with all Bluetooth headphones, the quality of sound is good, but not quite up to par with corded headphones, again, common with Bluetooth. Good bass and mid range, very few drop offs, long rechargeable battery life too. Pretty darn good for only $21.00. No wires to contend with. A slice of pizza in one hand and a beer on the other, listening to your favorite songs through your cellphone thirty to fifty feet away.Cost? $21.09.Total for both a little over $46.00.

If your tired of being tethered to wires, try wireless. There are certainly tons of wireless speakers and headphones on the market today, but it you are working with a small budget, these two will more than do the job, and not break the bank. You may want to team the two up with Beats Music at the same time. I use it day and night, and it;s fantastic. They have a seven day free trial too. Wireless is the future, get on board for under fifty bucks!