O.K., I'll admit I'm addicted to a few things, like clocks (I always need to know exactly what time it is), and the exact temperature is a must for me as well. The forecast too (because so many of them are dead wrong.) I have several weather apps on my iPhone, however they are not precise enough for me. I probably use 4 weather apps daily, that are decent. Today I found a new weather app, and it's really great, plus it's free. It works on your computer, phone (android or apple.) and If you have an iPad, it's fantastic.

It's called Forecast, and it's a rather remarkable demonstration of what web apps — in both mobile and standard form — can do with good scripting and solid design

First, check it out in your computer’s browser. Click around a bit. Tap the little Play button beneath the globe. Drag the pin around. Shift through historical weather data in the Time Machine.

Now check it out on your Android phone or iPhone. Play with the amazingly smooth sliding drawers, and the buttery slide-in navigation bar. If your mind still isn’t blown, you’ve never tried to build something like this on the web.

One of my favorite feature is "Time Machine." It tells you what the weather was like on any given day. I tried it on several dates that I remember exactly what the weather was like , and it was spot on. Check it out, I love mine, I think you will too, and you can't beat the free price.