Psychic Tiff comes back to the morning show tomorrow from 7 am to 8 am, offering free readings on the air or off the air. Call in to 218-727-5665 to get your free reading. Have a specific question ready. People have asked me about her, so here it is...

From At an early age, showed an interest in the Metaphysical realms.  At 14, she began reading Tarot cards for friends and family.  Continuing through junior high, high school & college she read, honing her talents and developing others.
Further into adulthood, a series of events brought her back to her New Age Spirituality and deeper studies of holistic healing, herbs, oils, stones, energy work, past life work, Angels, Reiki, etc.  Having personally worked and trained with well known psychics and healers, she knows what an integral part of life and soul development readings can be.
Now, at age 34, Tiffany continues her studies and assists other people in theirs.  Through classes, readings and healings she works to enlighten her clients to spirit’s/God’s/Goddess’s nature and beauty.
In her Tarot readings, Tiffany gives inspiration, insight and understanding into your ever-changing life.  Tarot offers symbolic guidance to assist you on your personal path.
In addition to guidance and clarification, the Tarot is enjoyable and entertaining.  It is an energizing way of divining your personal path.
In a channeling session with Tiffany, guidance & messages  from our angels, spirit guides, those on the other side and inner light comes through.
In addition to channeling, Tiffany also utilizes her inner voice, intuition.  This assists not only in interpreting the message given, but understanding where it applies in your life.
As a healer, Tiffany is a Reiki Master.  Reiki is a Japanese healing art developed by Mikao Usui. Reiki can relieve pain, acute problems, and chronic illnesses depending on the specific nature of the disease. Reiki honors the ecology of the person by working on spiritual, mental and emotional levels.
Beyond the spiritual counseling and healing, Tiffany is also an ordained minister.   She provides a unique style to many various rites of passage (marriage, baptism, commitment ceremonies, etc.) that adapt and respect all faiths and belief systems.  In addition to her officiating at life ceremonies, Tiffany’s studies and ordination give her a perspective that is not only comforting, but educating as well.
Tiffany is also a certified Hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression therapies.  This modality assists in her practice as a tool to help work through many of those karmic issues we have chosen to bring into this lifetime.
Late in 2006 Tiffany was asked to be a part of the Greater Lakes Search and Rescue team.  This team, comprised all of volunteer police, paramedics and emergency medical technicians works on missing persons cases in the Midwest.