This weeks Freaky Fast Friday Favorite Five is going to be a strange one. I put a couple of really good guitar players in there that I have seen, and one that did something so different during the 80s that he needs to be in the conversation.

Here's your Freaky Fast Friday Favorite Five, my favorite guitar players.

Yngwie Malmsteen-Dude was from  Sweden and could play really fast. The thing I like about his playing is he would use a lot of classical influence and still has it. Here's a clip of a couple of nerdy Fox news girls acting like teens after he shreds a solo for them.

Toddzilla a.k.a. Minister Zilla of Jonesworld and Funkhammer  I used to live in Nashville and this man can shred an to speak. He is one of the best anything style guitarists. I know he is not worldwide yet.....yet....but I think he's one of the best and it's my list.

Prince- one of the most under appreciated and underrated guitarists. I think most people think of his dance and funk music and don't really pay attention to his guitar playing. Watch this vid and see if you agree.

Eric Clapton- Everyone says Clapton was the first guitar hero. Most guitarists say he inspired them, I know it's not the cool answer or stock answer, because he is the best. He has transformed himself to fit every decade.

Eddie Van Halen-If you ask anyone who they would want to play guitar for them, Eddie would be the answer. He changed how guitar was played, how it was approached, and what it can do. Most people say he is just a guitar gymnast, but why does everyone copy him if he stinks so bad.

Here's some Eddie Music