Most people either love them or hate them;  I can take them or leave them.  We're talking about malts - that ice cream sundae concoction that includes malted milk.  Aficionados of malts are always looking for the best place to get them because let's admit it - they always taste better when someone else makes them.

So where can you go in the Twin Ports for a great malt?  I surveyed some co-workers, used my own recollections and scoured Yelp.  Here are the four places that keep coming back to the top of the list for the best malts in the Twin Ports:

  • Portland Malt Shoppe.  Anyplace with the word "malt" in its name must make a good malt, right?  Not neccesarily - but in this case it's true.  A seasonal business (usually open early April to late October), the Portland Malt Shoppe offers a wide variety of flavors and styles to choose from and most people rank their product as the number one choice.  Portland Malt Shoppe is located right off the Lakewalk on Superior Street.
  • Bridgeman's.  This restaurant has a long history in the Twin Ports - over 70 years to be exact.  Bridgeman's offers high-quality diner food (think burgers, breakfasts and Blue Plate meals) along with their famous ice cream.  And what better recipe to whip up with that ice cream than a malt?  Bridgeman's has had a few different locations in the Twin Ports but the flagship restaurant is located between the Miller Hill Mall and Target on Mountain Shadow Drive.
  • Julie's Family Restaurant.  Located in Superior, Julie's Family Restaurant also offers high-quality diner food.  Along with their homemade Blue Plate meals, they also offer ice cream desserts - like malts.  Julie's Family Restaurant is located on Belknap Street - between Hammond and Highway 53.
  • Big Daddy's Burgers.  While Big Daddy's prides themselves on being "your go-to burger establishment" - the rest of their food is great as well.  And - like many mom and pop restaurants they also offer ice cream-style desserts.  Malts figure prominently in that mix.  Big Daddy's Burgers is located on upper Piedmont Avenue.

So what exactly makes a malt a malt?  According to Wikipedia, malted milk is made from a mixture of barley, wheat flour and evaporated milk.  It was created as a means of providing nutrition to infants.