iPhone apps organized by color
With warmer weather arriving in the Northland, we all start thinking about outdoor activities. Sprucing up the yard a bit, fishing, golfing, and so forth. Even though it has been warmer, this is the Northland, and weather can change on a dime, so you need a good weather app for your phone.

I've selected four weather apps for you, thanks to my friends at Cnet. All available at the app store. The cool thing is there is something here for everybody. I own two of the four myself. Here they are.

BLUE: Cost .99

The big feature of Blue is it's colored bars, each bar representing the temperature. For the person that wants to keep things simple, this is for you.


I have this app but honestly I haven't used it much. I'm not into colors telling me what the weather is. It does have more features than Blue, and it is free, so try it out. You'll know instantly if it's for you or not.

HAZE: Cost 1.99

Haze is more in depth than either Blue or Solar. In my opinion, it gives you too much information. This app is designed for people who want as much info as possible, and it does a good job of that. I balk at the $!.99 price tag however.

Yahoo Weather: Cost Free

The best weather app I've found. It starts off with the basics for those who prefer that, but as you swipe down, you receive more weather information the farther down you swipe. It fits everyones need, from simple to complex. Great graphics  too from Flickr. I love it because it's simple, easy to use, and extremely functional. It's my new favorite weather app, plus it's free. Yahoo hit a homerun with this one.