How many of you prep your chicken breasts by washing them in the sink? Yes, I do too. Well, now the experts say, after testing, it is very unsafe to wash your chicken. You may be spreading the bacteria instead of washing it off.

According to food microbiologist Jennifer Quinlan, she tells NBC Philadelphia that Washing poultry creates big risks for cross contamination. Quinlan and colleagues developed a disturbing graphic called "germ vision" to show how chicken water — carrying salmonella -- can splash on to clean dishes by the sink or slosh into raw vegetables waiting on the counter. "There's no benefit," Quinlan said. "You aren't killing the bacteria with the washing, and the cooking is killing anything that was on there to begin with."

I was always taught that washing it takes away the bacteria. So according to the latest findings, one should wash their hands and just cook it. Now I'm wondering how safe washing the veggies are, if you are going to cook them?

Quinlin goes on to say how everyone is told how to do things at a young age and it might be a habit that's hard to break, but by getting the new findings to the public faster that could change the way chicken is prepared.