There appears to be an "app" for everything these days and social media is the cause or cure or most everything else.  That's why this story is interesting:  Facebook has announced a program designed to make it easier for people who are expressing thoughts of suicide to get help.

The service is the latest tool from Facebook aimed at improving safety on its site, which has more than 800 million users. Earlier this year, Facebook announced changes to how users report bullying, offensive content and fake profiles.

The directive is a partnership with other social media sites.

Google and Yahoo have long provided the phone number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as the first result when someone searches for "suicide" using their sites. Through email, Facebook also directed users to the hotline or encouraged friends to call law enforcement if they perceived someone was about to do harm.

The new service goes a step further by enabling an instant chat session that experts say can make all the difference with someone seeking help.