I was so excited when I read the Minnesota Vikings picked up Matt Cassel from the Kansas City Chiefs. He was once on the Patriots and ran a similar offense that Minnesota runs and could take over when Ponder screws up.

There are many jokes about the Minnesota Vikings. Here's the latest. Who's the most important most popular player on the Vikings? The Back up Quarterback.  After week one, Christian Ponder is still a non factor. Take him out!!! Wait, not so fast, here's what I am seeing on the internet from other experts.

Yes, Ponder is part to blame for the play of the Viking offense. Ok, good, so we are not all crazy. Matt Cassel shouldn't be put in yet. Why, some say he was given a bad deal at his former team because he didn't have support. Here it is, he had one of the leagues top WR and one of the leagues top running backs. When he came in, they were still only 25th. Sounds, like Ponder's story.

So here's what people are saying, fire "Wild' Bill Musgrave. He is overmatched and rode Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson to the playoffs. When it came time to make Joe Webb look good, he couldn't do it. So, if Matt Cassel goes in, he will look just like Ponder.

I will be the first to say it, FIRE MUSGRAVE KEEP PONDER.