Bill Wyman, former bass player for the Rolling Stones is celebrating a birthday today. Bill has always been, and will always be, my favorite bass player of all time for several reasons. Bill plays a simple bass, nothing fancy, and worked in perfect tandem with Charlie Watts. Keith calls Bill & Charlie "the engine room", because together they drive the band.

To me personally, Bill Wyman was more than a bass guitarist, he had a certain persona. When he was on stage he was the ultimate in coolness. He could out-stare anybody, seldom cracked a smile, hardly moved much unless it was to light up a smoke, or raise his bass to block the lights from his eyes, so he could more closely check out a chic in the crowd. He had a resting blood pressure of zero, always looked bored, and never got ruffled. The cat was the "James Dean" of rock n roll. Happy birthday Bill.