Being married to a school teacher in Wisconsin who quit teaching rather than fall under Gov. Walker's knife, coupled with my involvent in politics in Wisconsin over the last nine years, puts me a unique position.  Local and state governments nationwide wrestle with the budget on a yearly basis, and I commend Gov. Walker for trying to save the state money. I don't condone the way he did it however.

An effort to recall Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over his contentious union rights law will begin Nov. 15, Democrats announced Monday, meaning an election could be held as early as next spring.

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said on the party’s website that recall petitions will be circulated starting Nov. 15, giving supporters of the effort until Jan. 13 to collect 540,208 signatures.

Walker has become a national hero to many Republicans and conservatives and is a hot ticket on the fundraising and speaking circuit. But he is the top target for unions and Democrats as he became the face of the anti-union movement this year with his proposal that took away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most public workers.

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