Durbin Keeney was a Vietnam War veteran and served as regional director of the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans for more than a decade before relinquishing that post in September 2011, according to an article in the Duluth News Tribune. Durbin will always be remembered as a tireless worker assisting Veterans.I first met Durbin in a parade. We were there representing Kool 101.7,and Durbin was there with MACV. The General Manager of our radio stations introduced me to him, and we were involved over the years in promoting MACV. He soon became a good friend. I decided to do something to raise money for the organization, and with the help of my good friends Sh-Boom, I recorded the Clap for the Rayman CD. We sold the CD for $5.00, with every penny going to MACV, and I was to present him with the check at one of their meetings. He thanked everyone who was involved in the making and production of the Cd, and presented me with an award.

One of my fondest memories of Durbin Keeney was at Grandma's Marathon. I was to be the starting line announcer, and then do some stage announcements. It was extremely hot, and I was sitting on the stage waiting to introduce a band, when I suddenly felt terrible. I had been in the sun too long, and people were trying to find me hat, and some bottled water. They were not having having much luck, and were preparing to take me to a first aid tent. I saw someone walking toward me with a cap and some bottled water. He doused the cap with water, gave me some to drink, and told me I'd be fine in a few moments, which I was. Whether you be a homeless vet, or an overheated radio jock, he was always there to help you. His name was Durbin Keeney, and I'll miss him.