When I was a kid it was a honor to be a school crossing guard and we were given a knife and a certificate for our service to the school system. I think we may have received a day at the zoo too.

Things are different and the duties and rewards are different and better.

The Annual Duluth School Patrol Movie Day will be held Saturday March 23rd at the Duluth 10 Movie Theaters next to the DECC. Doors will open at 09:30 am for School Patrollers to line up for a free movie, pop and popcorn. Patrollers are treated to this event through the generous donations from citizens, local businesses, and local trade unions.

The Movie Day is a small token of appreciation to the Patrollers who have worked hard all winter, and prepare to train next year's Patrollers. The next appreciation event will be the End of Year Party at Adventure Zone on June 7th.

If you have any questions regarding this event contact Duluth Police Officer Bill Stovern at (218) 390-2297.