Rubber Chicken Theater produced this parody video for our holiday sketch comedy revue "A Flood of Christmas Cheer" that was performed December 2012. The premise was that cast member Greg J. Anderson's new dance was sweeping the Twin Ports and this video was his proof.

I have to say, this is part of the reason Mayor Ness has an 89% approval rating. Not that he is hip, always has time for everyone, takes his job seriously, is taking calculated risks and doing the right thing and setting a great example for leaders of the future.

He has moves!!!

He's a little rushed in the delivery of the lines for the beginning, but once he gets into the song, he is cuttin' a rug baby!! No one can say Mayor Don......The Don, won't try anything once.  Combine that with the genius that Rubber Chicken Theatre gives usThanks for the laugh!

Here's another......not at good but still silly