Each year the City of Duluth Community Development Office receives federal funding to assist low income persons and neighborhoods; improve housing, public services, and public facilities; and promote economic development. To assist the City in understanding current issues and where or how these funds should be distributed, the City’s Community Development Office is developing a 5-year Consolidated Plan that will identify community needs and set priorities. April 24 is Community Development Day in Duluth and will mark the 40th anniversary of community investments made through the federal Community Development Block Grant program.

The public is encouraged to participate in the 2014 Community Needs Survey by visiting the Community Development webpage and click the “TAKE THE SURVEY” link.  The survey takes five minutes and will serve to benefit many Duluth neighborhoods. The survey will be open through May 7, 2014. To take part, click here.

Paper surveys will also be available at all three Duluth Public Libraries.