Pilgrim Church is the site of a community-wide Harry Potter-themed Halloween party on October 28, 2012 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. The party is FREE and open to the public.This is a fundraiser for the Kid's Closet of Duluth (possible grant and donations) and the Lake Superior Zoo (donations.)

Explore Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, the Black Forest and the Hogwarts Castle where there will be a myriad of activities and games ranging from silly to scientific and spanning 4 floors!

From a wizard dual and a broom flying lesson to posting mail from the owlrey or sipping Pumpkin Juice at the Three Broomsticks Tavern there is an attraction there to delight all. Culminate the evening's adventure by testing your magic skills and entering the Tri Wizard Championship. Wizards, witches and costumed guests of all ages welcome.

Make sure you bring your cloak for a "thestral"-drawn carriage ride outside (weather permitting.) No dementors please (non-violent costumes only.) Pilgrim Church is located at 2310 E. 4th Street

Harry Potter books have sparked the imagination and induced an interest in reading in millions of children and adults worldwide. Totally fantastic literature!! This party is a fun, off-the-street, out of-the-cold and out-of-the-dark alternative (or addition) to trick-or-treating.

Children will be exposed to experiences they have not had previously.

List of activities:

Outside- Thestral-drawn Carriage Ride

Entry- Wizard Passport Issue Sorting Hat House Assignment Wizard Picture Frame Pictures

Downstairs Hallway and Side Entry- Gringotts Bank Zonko's Joke Shop

Downstairs- Black Lake Bubbles Bouncing Bubbles Ollivander's Wand Shop Herbology Not-So-Dark-Mark Face Painting Cauldron Toss Honeydukes Sweet Shoppe Three Broomsticks Tavern Vanishing Pasties Potions Class: Polyjuice Potion and Liquid Luck

2nd Floor: Sunroom- Whomping Willow Touch of the Unicorn Parsel Tongue Twisters The Rat Trap Aarog's Ancestry of Acromantulas Care of Magical Creatures Disapparation Class Slugulus Eructo! Slime

2nd Floor Hallways Centaur Races

continued 2nd Floor: The Library- The Fat Lady House Elf Relays Hogwarts Trivia Harry Potter Homework Enchanted Cards Wizard's Playdough

Landing on stairs up to 'Owlery'- Divination Readings

Tower Room- Owl Post

Parlor- Interdepartmental Memos (Ministry of Magic) Battle Bedlam (Department of Mysteries) Wizard's Dual

Salter Hall- Mirror of Erised Madam Hooch Flying Lessons Transfiguration Defense Against the Dark Arts - Patronus Test Pensive Trumpet Origin Durmstrang Institute and Beuxbatons Academy Dancers

Sanctuary- Tri Wizard Championship