I'm not alone in loving trains. The size, the power, the smell of diesel fuel and a friendly wave from the engineer as you watch the train go by. Kids love trains too,just ask my grandson Gus. We watch Thomas the Train whenever he comes over to our house, and of course he has many train books, and even a couple play trains. Looks like a new book will be heading to his house soon.

Duluth artist Brian Barber has illustrated a new book for kids, “Holy Smokestacks! Here Comes a Steam Engine!” says the Duluth News tribune. The book is based on “The Choo Choo Bob Show,” a children’s television show which appears locally on KBJR, Channel 6, at 10:30 Sunday mornings. Barber created illustrated versions of the live-action TV characters for the book.

The main character, Choo Choo Bob, is a train enthusiast who lives in the town of Bobville with his friends Engineer Emily, Engineer Paul, Richard W. Kornbelt, Cee Cee the ticket agent, Conductor Dave, and Charlie Rat. The book and the TV show explain how different kinds of trains work. The book was written by Brandon Terrell, and published by Beaver’s Pond Press.. Images from the book and ordering information are available at brianbarber.com or at the Choo Choo Bob Train Store in St. Paul.

New children’s book gives an illustrated twist to regional TV show