Recently, The Donald has been making the rounds on political talk shows hinting that he may run for President Of The United States in 2012.  Although he's not "officially" in the race at this time -he says he'll make an announcement in June - he's definitely sending up test signals.

During last week's "Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer, the real estate mogul said he was giving the idea "very serious thought," but does he actually have a chance of winning? Probably not. Trump's confrontational style may be good for reality television ratings, but won't likely sit well with the American people. His blunt language, while effective in the business world, will presumably get him into trouble with some voters early on in the campaign season. In addition, Trump would inevitably have to earn the support of the social conservatives, running as a Republican, and this would be difficult. After all, Trump is now on his third wife and is known to be quite the New York socialite. Both of which may be aspects that deviate from the "family values" of voters from the Deep South.

It's pretty safe to say that Trump would never earn the Republican nomination for president, but that doesn't mean he should be written off completely. Don't forget that Trump is a billionaire and has made clear that he would be willing to invest a considerable amount of his own money into a presidential bid. He certainly has the funds to run an effective campaign as an Independent. While Trump isn't exactly Independent when it comes to his political views (he's a staunch conservative), freeing himself from the grips of either party might attract millions of voters that feel disenchanted with both the Democrats and Republicans.