When I think of the number of computers I've had in the past, and the money I spent for them, it's mind boggling. I suppose they're in a junkyard somewhere or maybe computer heaven if there is such a place.  I well remember my first real computer..do you?

I got started on  TRS 80, from Radio Shack. It had no monitor, you hooked it up to a television and away you go. The keys were stiff, the screen color was green, and it was really of little use unless you wanted a play a pong game, or learn ms-dos (which I did.) I learned how to make my name scroll across the screen, and had dreams of becoming a computer science engineer (so I could teach you how to make your name scroll across the screen too), but my attention deficit kicked in and my dreams switched to something more exciting..like women for example.

My little TRS 80 had given me the bug to buy a "real" computer. It was a Mac Plus. I bought it from the owner of a computer store in New Hampshire. The price was crazy high, but I was enticed by the owner of the shop who was also a commercial airline pilot. He showed me pictures of his own plane, a beautiful Cessna. Never shy, I told him I'd buy the computer if he'd take me up in the Cessna. Five hours later we flew (with the Mac Plus too) from Newburyport to Boston and back.

He became a great friend, and several plane rides and computers later,  he was killed in the same beautiful Cessna.

Do you remember your first computer?  I won't soon forget mine.